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Episode 1: Sarah

In 1990, Sarah MacDiarmid was a young woman starting out in life. She had a good job. She was making new friends after her family moved from Scotland to Melbourne.

Episode 2: Sarah is gone

On Wednesday 11 July 1990, Sarah played tennis with some friends after work, then caught the train home to the Kananook railway station. She never makes it home.

Episode 3: The search

When Sarah’s worried family report her missing, police find blood near her car in the station carpark. The search for her begins.

Episode 4: The investigation

After calling for help from the public, police begin to piece together Sarah’s movements on the night she disappeared.

Episode 5: The prime suspect

Jodi Jones had killed before. In the days after Sarah MacDiarmid vanished, she began telling people she was responsible.

Episode 6: The serial killer

Three years after Sarah went missing, the Frankston serial killer took the lives of three young women. Is there a connection to Sarah?

Episode 7: The retarding basin

When Kananook local, Steve, was a teenager, he tripped over a bag buried in mud that could hold a vital clue.

Episode 8: Ever after

When a missing person isn’t found, it forever haunts those left behind.

Episode 9: Epilogue

When the Melbourne lockdown is over, Vikki finally gets to take a closer look at the retarding basin.


Police (and podcasters) need to work on evidence or first-hand knowledge. While we know we all spend many hours coming up with theories, it is hard evidence that takes top priority in investigations. If you know something about Sarah's disappearance, or saw something, or found something that you think is important, please let us know. It is our greatest wish that someone knows something that will help find Sarah and give her family the answers they need. There is also a million-dollar reward for information that leads to an arrest. 

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