Vikki Petraitis spent the best part of a year interviewing Sarah MacDiarmid’s family and friends, and the police officers who tried to find her. We hope telling the story of her disappearance as a podcast might help us find answers. 



Vikki Petraitis has been a true crime author since the early 1990s. The Phillip Island Murder was her first book. When she was working on her second book, writing a story with the police in the Melbourne suburb of Frankston, serial killer Paul Denyer began his killing spree. When Vikki found herself in the back of a police car at the scene of the final murder, she knew she had to write the book. The Frankston Murders remains a classic true crime book 25 years after its release. In 2020, Vikki made her first podcast series with Casefile Presents called The Vanishing of Vivienne Cameron, which ignited interest in the case around the world.

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Bec Petraitis

Audio production and editing


Stupid Old Studios



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Carol Walmsley

Andrew Burke

Vanessa Burke

Stuart Burke

Kym Burke

Jack Burke

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Bec Petraitis

Ashley Dee


Jane Varney

Retired cop and hobby gold prospector


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Public Records Office Victoria

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Kate Malone

Frankston Community Facebook Page


Mike Migas from Casefile Presents

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Paulina Szymanska

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Anonymous Casefile Host

For suggesting Sarah’s case, and for being there every step of the way


Police (and podcasters) need to work on evidence or first-hand knowledge. While we know we all spend many hours coming up with theories, it is hard evidence that takes top priority in investigations. If you know something about Sarah’s disappearance, or saw something, or found something that you think is important, please let us know. It is our greatest wish that someone knows something that will help find Sarah and give her family the answers they need. There is also a million-dollar reward for information that leads to an arrest. 

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