It’s been 31 years since the night Sarah MacDiarmid vanished from the Kananook railway station on Wednesday 11 July 1990. She caught the train home at 10.20 pm after a game of tennis. Evidence at the scene suggested Sarah had been attacked at her car and dragged into the bushes bordering the car park. Then, her attacker moved her, and Sarah has never been found.

After an extensive search and a police investigation which continues to this day, Sarah’s family hope this podcast will bring a renewed focus onto her case, and that someone listening will hold a piece of the puzzle that will help return Sarah to them. There is a million dollar reward for information leading to the capture and conviction of the person – or people – who took Sarah.


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Police (and podcasters) need to work on evidence or first-hand knowledge. While we know we all spend many hours coming up with theories, it is hard evidence that takes top priority in investigations. If you know something about Sarah's disappearance, or saw something, or found something that you think is important, please let us know. It is our greatest wish that someone knows something that will help find Sarah and give her family the answers they need. There is also a million-dollar reward for information that leads to an arrest. 

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